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  • Carol Kostachuk

Carol On Call Office Assistance Now Offers Corporate Printing Services!

Cheques, forms, labels and more - easily accessible from the source you trust!

The Carol On Call team hopes that you are staying safe and healthy as we navigate these uncertain times. I know that many small businesses have had to pivot and reassess their marketing strategies while we manage the spread and risk of Covid-19 on our employees, families and communities.

However, while it may not be “business as usual,” life goes on. That means that bills have to be paid and paperwork needs to be filed. That’s why I’m pleased to announce that in addition to cloud accounting and bookkeeping services, Carol On Call Office Assistance is now your one-stop-shop for your corporate printing services.

From cheques and shipping tags to labels and envelopes, get the printed materials your small business needs to serve clients more efficiently.

Here are three reasons why Carol On Call Office Assistance should be your go-to for all your office printing needs:

1. Ordering is simple and seamless. With all of your corporate printing services in one place, you don’t have to deal with multiple websites or companies. Carol On Call is a source you can trust, so you’ll never have to worry about providing your personal info, or an order not meeting your expectations. We’ll also keep your logos, fonts, and other brand assets on file, so reordering is fast and convenient.

2. Custom cheques are much less expensive. There’s no reason to go through your bank when you can order high quality custom cheques at a much lower price from Carol On Call Office Assistance. We also carry a selection of branded deposit books to make banking a breeze.

3. We help you promote brand awareness. The more your customers see your business name and logo, the more top-of-mind your brand will be. By branding your office documents, including register forms, laser forms and multipart forms, your clients will be reminded of your brand every time they see your paperwork.

Get all your custom office supplies on time and at a fair price from Carol On Call Office Assistance. Do not hesitate to speak with Carol today! Click to view all of our corporate printing services.

Nurturing your business, means nurturing your books and printing!

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