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Take a Break - Your Business Needs It!

Updated: Jan 6

Business owners are committed to looking after their clients, staff, contractors, vendors, technology, machinery, facilities, transport and the list just grows! When it comes to taking care of ourselves, that is where we falter.

I have never met a superhuman business owner, but every owner I have met thinks that they can survive on little to no sleep, a shot of caffeine every couple of hours, and a great review or two for sustenance. You are your business, and your health affects the health of your company.

Some carefully scheduled break opportunities can make all the difference in yours and your company's performance.

1. Taking two minutes to do some deep breathing exercises won't kill you.

Deep breathing exercise can do wonders to clear the mind, release stress, and energize us for the next few hours. Include a few moments in your schedule every day to take the opportunity to focus only on your breathing. To learn more visit

2. Nurturing your business includes nourishing yourself.

Running your business on an empty stomach can lead to daily burnout, long-term fatigue, brain fog, and a number of more serious conditions in the future. You may not have time for a large sit down meal, but several smaller meals and healthy snacks throughout the day will keep glucose levels stabilized, and decision-making at its peak.

Canada's Food Guide has some great tips for busy professionals. Learn more at

3. Get out of the office!

It is time to give your brain and typing fingers a break, and get those legs and muscles working! Schedule in 15 to 30 minutes of moderate intensity walking twice in your day. Your body will thank you! Not a fan of the rain or snow? Quickly window shop a mall or take advantage of your building's stairs. As much as your body needs the movement, your psyche needs the opportunity to take a time out to process stress and work through challenges. Maybe think of opportunities that your staff can get involved in - organize an exercise routine that everyone in the office can enjoy. Last year, Forbes published an interesting article about the benefits of workplace sponsored fitness. Learn more at

4. Any place is a good place to meditate.

The list of benefits in doing meditation is a mile long. This could be one of those group activities that the whole office can participate in, or you could easily do this on your own. Maybe the best time to meditate is at your desk before the day begins, or when you get home and drop your coat and briefcase. Sneaking small meditation breaks is easy to do. If you need some guidance, there are plenty of short videos to help you. Here is one for you to enjoy at work today!

5. Avoid run-on meetings.

Ensure that your meetings are scheduled with time between to allow for the healthy breaks we have discussed so far. Run on meetings prevent you from having a drink of water, eating something if you need, doing deep breathing exercises, and taking a much needed break to refocus and realign your body and mind before the next meeting. These health breaks are important to help you avoid getting sick, burning out, or facing mental strain and anxiety. Taking time to keep yourself healthy will keep your business healthy.

6. Taking a breath is as important at home as it is in the office.

Now that you have some healthy habits forming at work, it is important to bring this balance into the rest of your life. Just like the rush of work, home life can be just as busy with family, friends, hobbies, school activities and so on. Use these same techniques to fend of stress at home. Practicing both during work and at home will allow these healthy choices to become part of your lifestyle.

7. Your company can run for a couple of weeks without your presence!

Maybe not without your Zoom presence, but it is important to step away from the office for some rest and relaxation within the year. I know you think that is completely impossible! ! A family vacation for two weeks is nothing compared to what you have endured and overcome this year. As a result of all that you have overcome, you should know now that spending time with your family, or time to re-energize, is what your soul needs. The opportunity to be with everyone that we love has been taken from us, but if you get the chance to spend uninterrupted time with your bubble, take it and hug it tightly with both arms.

To help make taking a vacation easier here are some tips:

1) Schedule vacation time during your quiet seasons.

2) If you are worried about leaving your business in the hands of your very capable staff (you hired them remember), book a trip close by, or plan a wonderful

staycation. Your family cares more that you are with them, than about your destination.

3) Schedule trips annually at approximately the same time of year if possible. The

routine will soon feel effortless.

4) If you cannot leave for more than a few days, then plan several weekend

adventures throughout the year. A couple of days away from the office and from our usual routine can make the world of difference.

Planning to stay in BC for your vacation? You will love this site! It has all your bucket list adventures listed and more!

If you still feel overwhelmed after trying all our relaxing tips, maybe it is time to bring in a bit of help. Carol on Call Business Services Ltd. can make all the difference for you. It is time to spend your weekends in Victoria in a room overlooking the harbor, and to let go of working long hours on your bookkeeping and payroll before Monday morning.

Start scheduling and planning your time outs today! Your business health depends on it!

Nurturing you, means nurturing your business!

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