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  • Carol Kostachuk

The Showcase at Vancity

When we have the opportunity to feature what we do, as business owners, it is important to catch on to it with both hands! Being showcased in a public venue can be a costly and rare occurrence, but thanks to Vancity, such a platform is within reach for its members. Vancity generously showcases their members, which includes local merchants, artisans and non-profit organizations.

Carol on Call Office Assistance has been showcasing our services with Vancity for much of this year. It gives us the opportunity to reach many different people who are local to our community. We feature our brochures, business cards, and this time we decided to share our Canadian-made, locally-sourced celebratory coasters with those who visited our display. These are a small token to say thank you to our community for supporting Carol On Call Office Assistance for twenty-two years.

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During our twenty-two years of business in Maple Ridge, Pitt Meadows and throughout Metro Vancouver, we have helped new owners start and build their businesses. We have pulled books from dusty paper ledgers into the cloud of online accounting. We have shown that Quickbooks Online ProAdvisors go beyond bookkeeping, mapping out clearly how the numbers can affect the operations and success of a company. This direction offers the opportunity for change and increased productivity and profit.

Carol On Call Office Assistance will continue to help our local businesses for years to come. Whether your business needs bookkeeping help, financial advice, or not, the very least we can do, is show you an opportunity that is "The Showcase" at Vancity. Speak to your local Vancity to start connecting with your community today, and if you need bookkeeping help, please visit, or call 604-838-0556.

Nurturing your business, means nurturing your books!

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