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Tanya's Bookkeepers Bootcamp - Tighten & Strengthen Your Bookkeeping Business


Every business needs a refresher once in a while.  A business owner should always be growing their knowledge base in order to nurture their business.   Recently the Carol On Call Business Services Ltd. team did just that.  We flexed our bookkeeping skills and company operations muscle with none other than Tanya's Bookkeepers Bootcamp, and this is Carol's take on how it went! 

About Tanya's Bookkeepers Bootcamp

  1. Tanya's Bookkeepers Bootcamp is here to get your business in Shape.  We Tighten and Strengthen Your Bookkeeping Business in the Cloud. 

2. This program is for Experienced Bookkeepers that want to Tighten up workflows and Logistics.  

3. Bootcamp participants are given the tools to execute in their business immediately.  We work with you to make sure that you see results!  

4. When you take our program and learn from a Bookkeeper, we understand exactly what you need.


5. Tanya's bookkeepers Bootcamp is not about teaching you your tools or how to use them and we are not here to sell you on particular software or apps.  Instead, we are here to teach you how to maximize your workflow logistics and bring your business into order.


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