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  • Carol Kostachuk

Checklist For Small Business Success

Develop a business plan: This should include business goals, target market, competition analysis, financial projections & market strategy.

Register Your Business: Determine your business structure & register your business with the appropriate agency.

Create a website: Establish an online presence that show cases your business, products & services.

Develop a marketing strategy: Determine the best way to reach your target audience, whether it be through social media, print advertising or email marketing.

Establish a social media presence: Create social media accounts for your business & regularly post updates engage with your followers.

Develop a sales strategy: Determine how you will generate sales, whether it's through online sales, retail, or a combination of both.

Build a customer base: Develop a customer database & track costumer interactions to build relationships & loyalty.

Manage Finances: Establish a bookkeeping system, set a budget, & track expenses to ensure your business stays financially healthy.

Establish a customer service plan: Develop a policy for dealing with customer complaints & providing the best possible customer service.

Hire Staff: Determine your staffing needs & hire employees as needed.

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