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Taking QuickBooks from Desktop to Online

The advantages of QuickBooks Online can change the way you do business!

Chances are, QuickBooks has been around as long as or longer than you’ve been doing business! QuickBooks is an accounting software that launched more than 20 years ago, and it has grown to support over 4.3 million customers worldwide.

Today there is no longer just the original desktop version. Many people now rely on QuickBooks Online to efficiently manage income, invoices and bills⁠ on mobile devices anywhere at any time.

Whether you want to work on files from your smartphone on the weekend or give someone outside of your company access to certain data, QuickBooks Online makes it easy to embrace cloud-based accounting.

Differences Between the Desktop and Online Version of QuickBooks

QuickBooks Desktop is a one-time purchase software that’s installed on your office desktop or laptop computer. QuickBooks Online is a cloud-based monthly subscription service.

It’s important to note that many QuickBooks Desktop services will be discontinued on the 2017 and older versions after May 31, 2020. After this time, you will no longer receive critical security updates. See which services are affected here. To keep using QuickBooks desktop version you will need to upgrade to QuickBooks 2018 or newer.

If you’re using QuickBooks Desktop, now is the ideal time to make the switch to QuickBooks Online.

Four Big Reasons Why You’ll Want to Utilize Cloud-based Accounting Software

  1. While QuickBooks Desktop might serve certain needs, it can only be accessed from computers that have the program installed. This can be a hassle if you’re absent from work, your computer isn’t cooperating or you need someone else to take a look at an invoice.

  2. With QuickBooks Online, you just set up a user ID and password for each person who needs to access your data. Whether you’re working remotely or have users outside of your company who need access to expenses, it’s much simpler to collaborate and share info with cloud-based accounting software. QuickBooks Online doesn’t require a software installation, unlike QuickBooks Desktop. Just open a web browser from your mobile device, PC, or Mac and log into your account to instantly access everything you need. If you’ve got a Wi-Fi connection, you’re good to go.

  3. QuickBooks Online updates automatically in real time as you make changes to your data. Even if multiple users are in one file, collaboration is seamless. QuickBooks Desktop can only be accessed by one user (unless multiple licenses are purchased and the data file shared via a network).

  4. With cloud-based accounting software, your data (and your customer’s data) is secure. The application uses encrypted connections when transferring data. You never have to worry about backups, and everything is safely stored on Intuit servers. Updates are automatic, so you won’t need to update software when there’s a new feature.

QuickBooks Online offers four plans: Simple Start, Essentials, Plus and Self-Employed. All of them let you track your income and expenses, organize receipts, invoice clients, take payments and run reporting from your smartphone.

For better shared access to data, to accessing anywhere at any time, QuickBooks Online makes small or medium-sized business accounting easy and stress-free. Carol and her team can make it even easier to keep on top of your accounting! Learn how we can manage your cloud-based accounting for you so you can spend your time managing your business!

Nurturing your business, means nurturing your books!


With over 30 years of experience in bookkeeping, and now full certification as an Advanced Certified QuickBooks Online ProAdvisor, Carol and her team can provide advice and services to help manage your books in the cloud with honesty and integrity. Call today 604-838-0556 or email


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