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BBB's Women-Led Accredited Business Feature

Updated: Jan 6

October 14, 2020

This week, we are featuring some of our Women-led Accredited Businesses to celebrate Small Business Month!

BBB reached out to Carol Kostachuk, CPB and Sole Proprietor at

Carol On Call Business Services Lt. and asked her to share her entrepreneurial experience.

Here's what she had to say -

"I have been in the accounting world for over 30 years and I have run my own business for 23 of those years. I left the corporate world and became an entrepreneur to be able to work from home after our son was born. Being able to flex my time for family and be my own boss became my world. Flexibility often means working harder and longer hours, but for the work life balance that I live, it has been worthwhile. The beginning had its ups and downs, but willingness and necessity has kept me going towards and achieving every milestone I have laid for myself. Over the years, the goals have changed, and keep changing (technology is ever-changing), so I too must be willing to learn, grow and adapt.

I believe everyone should have a mission statement; a belief that they hold for their company and what they want for their clients and customers. Mine is: “Nurturing your business, means nurturing your books.”

My best advice to share with other female entrepreneurs is: 'Know your why, how and for whom'."

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