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Security and Privacy Compliance Important to Canadian Businesses and their Customers

Carol on Call Business Services Ltd. makes the security and privacy of your data their first priority! From your accounting records to your CRM files, and inventory tracking, Carol On Call Business Services only offers the solutions they would trust their own business records with.

Like your home and family, you want your business and clients to be safe and protected from the cyber crime that is on the rise today. One glance at the Statcan figures on reported cyber crime in Canada, and you will see that cyber crime has tripled across the board since 2017. This report was released in 2021, and so inevitably, today, these numbers are even higher. As technology advances, those same advantages are giving cyber criminals a leg-up!

Carol on Call Business Services only recommends the APPs that will do the best job of providing you convenient access at your fingertips wherever you are in the world (with internet access), while protecting confidential information. Best in the business, QuickBooks Online (QBO) is the only bookkeeping software Carol On Call Business Services will recommend. The benefits of having a QBO account include accurately tracking income and expenses, mileage, and sales tax, running reports, sending estimates, and receiving payments from anywhere, and a host of others, but you can also trust QBOs’ security systems and procedures to keep your business safe!

The QuickBooks Privacy and Security Factors include:

Multi-Factor Authentication

When you login, you must provide at least two ways of identifying yourself as the owner of the account.

Your Stored Data is Encrypted

QuickBooks uses the highest level of cryptographic (a secret code) security to encrypt all the information stored on the QuickBooks system.

QuickBooks Stays in the Know

There is an entire team dedicated to researching and learning about new fraud techniques and scams. Once QuickBooks knows about these scams, they communicate this information to their QuickBooks account holders with information on what to do if you are targeted. Through this research QuickBooks can also build defenses from new malware, as well as fraudsters trying to gain access to the system.

Defense Alliance

QuickBooks is part of a multi-partner security collaboration, where all partners, across many organizations, share new information, and new tactics of defense, so that each of their clients receives the benefit of cyber securities best! This is like the FBI, CIA, CSIS, RCMP, Scotland Yard, and MI-5 all teaming up to protect your home!

You can read more about the QBO security practices at:

You feel confident that your books are being kept safe and sound, but what about your documents, your spending receipts, and invoices? For receipts and invoices, Carol On Call Business Services recommends DEXT! The DEXT APP not only allows you to keep your receipts and documents safely stored and conveniently accessible, but it also has a top-of-the-line security process that guards your documents at all times.

The DEXT Privacy and Security Factors include:

A Secure Physical Facility

Your data is secured is protected in a secured and compliant data center, with controls for backup power, fire detection and suppression. Their physical on-site security system is a multi-layered fortress of personnel, monitors, intrusion detection, cameras, and barriers.

Network Security

Like QuickBooks, DEXT has a top tier network security team that is constantly detecting and responding to security threats. They employ a third party to attempt penetration tests on the system. DEXT uses DDoS protection strategies, and uses a permissions bases for their staff, meaning only “presidential” level staff have access to the most classified information and controls.


DEXT encrypts your valuable data to compliance, while both in transit and resting in their system.


DEXT runs on the cloud and is available 24/7. Clients are informed if scheduled maintenance is needed.

Disaster Recovery

In the event of a disaster, the DEXT team is able to relocate their facility to a new hosting region, with the same security standards and controls as their current location.

DEXT has data protection and privacy covered. To learn more visit:

Almost all businesses need Office Applications for their correspondence, scheduling, contracts, document design etc., and Microsoft 365 for Business is the go-to app for high level security that you can trust. Microsoft 365 offers:

Secure File Storage and Sharing

The files and documents that you create within your company can be saved directly to OneDrive or SharePoint, and updates to documents are synced across all of your devices. Access to OneDrive and SharePoint is permitted through mult-factor authorization like QBO. The data stored on these apps is encrypted both at rest and in transit. Files can be shared with external contacts by providing access, usually through secured links, an additional layer of protection. Information shared can also be assigned permissions, so that information reaches on its intended viewer/editor.

Security and Compliance

Microsoft 365 protects your email against spam, malware and known threats with Exchange Online Protection. Microsoft diligently meets key international, regional and industry standards and boasts more than 1000 security and privacy controls. As a business, you have the ability to customize your permissions, and have a company-wide password reset every certain amount of days or months. Microsoft becomes your processor and controller of highly confidential company documents.

Advanced Threat Protection

Microsoft Defender for Office 365 protects against ransomware and advance malware that may be hidden in email attachments and links. You can remotely wipe the content of company data from misplaced or stolen devices with Intune. Copying and saving of company information to unauthorized apps can be restricted. Microsoft also offer pre-breach threat resistance, warding off ransom attempts before they happen.

To learn more about Microsoft’s security and privacy practices visit

These are three main applications that Carol On Call Business Services recommends for their clients, because security needs to be a priority when planning business systems. Businesses are held to standards of compliance in how they store their client’s records and financial information and transactions. For example when their clients are choosing new application tools, Carol On Call will ensure that they check if the app stores data in Canada or within the European Union. Ultimately, it is your responsibility to ensure that your data and that of your clients, is stored following the regulations set out by the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA), developed by The Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada (OPC). To learn more about the act visit Non-compliance can shut down a business in the least, and at worst, may lead to legal action proposed against the business and its executive.

The Carol On Call Business Services team is standing by to help your business, to keep your data safe, and most importantly to keep your client information safe from criminal hands. Schedule an appointment today with Carol on Call Business Services Ltd. to assess your company’s security strategy. This is well worth the investment to gain compliancy and peace of mind!

Call: 604-838-0556 Email:

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